About Patio Life

Patio Life is a friendly business set up between two good friends. Their dream was to have a business where they could sell the best quality outdoor living products to the market and share their passion for outdoor cooking, outdoor living and garden family life with the nation.

It all began 10 years ago when one of the friends went to Germany on holiday and found a very unique product in a store. He knew it would be a big hit in the UK so he returned and spoke to his best friend about it. The product was called the Log Candle. (A simple garden candle made of pine and a wax wick which acted as a burning candle for the garden) They formed a company and placed their first order for 8 pallets of Log Candles and so Patio Life was born.

Initially they travelled the UK selling Log Candles and other Eco friendly fire lighters such as the Eco Lighter and other interesting products at shows and garden centres until they realised that they needed to take their business online as that is where the future of shopping was going.

Patio Life is now one of the leading outdoor living product suppliers in the UK, focusing on connecting the UK’s top suppliers of quality, high end products to the nation online. We vet and make sure all of our suppliers are UK-based and that their products conform to British Standards and returns policies, thus protecting our customers.

‘We believe that a successful business will only be successful as long as the customer is happy.’

Therefore we pride ourselves in our delivery and customer values and have a no quibble and returns policy giving you complete confidence in your shopping experience with us.

Join the fun and let us help you with your outdoor living experiences by shopping with us and choosing the latest in innovative designs and styles.